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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby


We lived through the scariest part of owning acreages this year when some people decided to burn some rubbish. The fire did not get to our place, but I am so sad for the people who lost their trees and gardens and of course the animals lost their habitat and food. I don't believe that wildlife habitat creation should be restricted to reserves.

I would like to organize a planting day for next autumn/early winter for people who were affected by the fire, and if it is successful we could include other residents who would like to turn their properties into a wildlife sanctuary without restrictions of any kind.


There is a new approach increasing among environmental scientists, where they realize that the all or nothing method simply does not work. What that means in our case, that it is better to have 10% of the private property turned into a rehabilitated native area for the wildlife (which joins the neighbours’ 10%) than not at all. There are great Government initiatives such as Land for Wildlife or Landowner Biodiversity Conservation Grant which also offers funds and help for private landowners. They require commitment for most of the property and have conditions such as no sheep or horses, which will suit some residents, but not all.


The planting day or days would be organized through volunteers such as local Primary School, local residents and volunteer organisations. I am still working on ways to find the plants as cheap as possible. I will also apply for funds through the Government Initiative called 20 Million Trees Program; I will attend their information session on the 5th of August. I would like to donate my time to come up with plan together with the individual landowners of which part of their land they would like to replant, and then to find ways to finance (at least partly) to purchase the discounted plants through fundraising as well as grants.

Anyone who would like to take part or have any questions, please contact me on mailto:erikaantal11@gmail.com



27 of October 2014

There is good news regarding our revegetation plan. The Department of Parks and Wildlife kindly offered us free seeds that was collected from the local Reserve. The next challenge was to find funds for a Nursery to grow them for us. Cockburn Council offered help in the form of the Biodiversity Grant, which is under application and promising to finance the sowing of 2000 seeds. 

The planting, which will take place next year in May or June, will be organised through Harmony Primary School and other volunteer organisations. 

Anyone who has an area of cleared, burnt, neglected or degraded bushland and would like help to turn it into an attractive area, habitat for birds and wildlife, please contact me on the email above. I would like to help with the planning of the nominated area and organise the dates for the revegetation. I am happy to answer any questions regarding any concerns you might have about creating an amazing native bushland and wildlife habitat.