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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby

Better Value for Money

Since 2011, the Banjup Residents Group has been pressing the City of Cockburn councillors and administration to provide better value for money for its ratepayers and to acknowledge its mistakes promptly and graciously.  

It has been strenuous work against a stubborn bureaucracy and we have made some headway but much remains to be done to change the “we are infallible” attitude of the City’s leadership.  

The City of Cockburn is not much different from the other 140 local governments in Western Australia. In some ways it is better and in others worse. Comparisons, though, are meaningless. They are all in a cartel of expensively run bureaucracies, none of which would survive if they were open to competition.


Subsidiary pages from here record the efforts that Banjup and Jandakot residents have made to help make Cockburn better.


 2016 – Find 2% savings in operating costs

 2015 – 3.5% rise across Cockburn really 7.5%

 2012 – Make efficiencies before putting up rates

 2011 – 35% rise for Banjup

 Business Planning

 2016 – Strategic Plan has no performance measures

2013 -  Corporate Business Plan - Why more staff?