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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby

Department of Child Protection home in Banjup

The DCP operates a 'residential care facility' in Banjup. In that facility, the DCP cares for up to 4 children between the ages of 10 and 17. The residential care facility is the children's primary place of residence. The DCP closely supervises the children in its care and provides therapeutic services to them.

Banjup residents have spent a year discussing the impact of the DCP children’s home in Banjup with the Director General of the DCP and his senior staff. The DCP has prepared a ‘Risk Management Chart’ (see here) that describes how they will manage the risks to the Banjup community that their home presents. They have accommodated several but not all of our requests.

The DCP has committed that it will not place a child in the Banjup home who presents a current risk of fire setting, animal cruelty, or sexual aggression (see the DCP’s ‘Placement Statement’ here). If a child at the home does exhibit any such behaviours, then the Risk Management Chart shows how the DCP will deal with them.

The DCP encourages Banjup residents to interact respectfully and respect the rights and privacy of the children living in the ‘Residential Group Home’ in a similar way that they would other neighbours.

If you have a general concern about the DCP home, then you can you call the home direct at the numbers below. We advise against knocking on the front door as this can unsettle the children.

If you, as a Banjup resident, encounter any child on your property, then call the Police at Murdoch. They are familiar with the DCP home and its residents. If you are threatened by the child then call 000.

Do not engage in a shouting match with a trespasser. Do not attempt to eject physically a trespasser from your property. Just call the Police. 




Banjup house

9499 1084

House Manager, Kate McInnes

0427 447 564

On-Call Manager

0427 999 850

Director Residential Care, Tracey Nicolson

09249 0121

Murdoch Police Station

9313 9000

Police Assistance

131 444


 If you have any contact with the staff or children at the DCP home, then please inform the Banjup Residents Group committee by emailing the Secretary at secretary.banjup@gmail.com who will keep a record of all incidents for regular discussion with DCP executives.