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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby



Posted by Ian Thurston on August 5, 2017 at 7:35 AM

What Is Cockburn Up To?

Cockburn’s Vision survey is heavily loaded towards preserving the rural zoning of Jandakot and Treeby. It focuses on environmental considerations only and makes no mention of the needs of the people living in the rural areas.

If members answer the loaded survey questions in the way that Cockburn wants, then Cockburn would very likely say that residents accept that the zoning should not be changed – because that seems to be what Cockburn wants to achieve.

Common Vision

We believe that it is critical that residents put forward a common Vision. Otherwise Cockburn could claim that residents are divided and that no common position can be achieved – divide and rule.

To counter Cockburn’s strategy and in the absence of a meaningful lead from the City, the Committee has prepared a draft paper that members might wish to use as the basis for a Vision. You can download the paper here.

The Committee has no intention of being prescriptive. The paper is just a starting point upon which we can build. If you do not agree with the areas, the rationale, or the timing suggested, do not be backward at coming forward – we want to get to a Vision that most of us can support.

Be Realistic

Be aware, though, that our Vision must be realistic and achievable. Look at the issues as if you were a ‘Man from Mars’ – would he think that our eventual Vision is fair and reasonable? We do not want to give Cockburn or the WA Planning Commission an opportunity to claim that we are being unrealistic.

Hold Off on the Survey

Your Committee still advises you not to complete Cockburn’s survey yet. After we have heard back from you by the end of next week 13 August 2017, we shall write again to suggest a consistent way in which we can all submit the common Vision.

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