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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby


Cockburn's Information Forum on Rural Jandakot and Treeby

Posted by Ian Thurston on August 5, 2017 at 7:30 AM

About 140 people attended Cockburn’s Information Forum on Monday evening, 31 July. There were few under 40 years of age, the demographic for the new residents of urban Treeby, so about 90% (say 125) would have been rural property owners. The BRG Committee applauds your commitment to making your voices heard.

The overwhelming mood of the meeting was that land north of Armadale Road should be rezoned to ‘Urban’ because its rural amenity is being irretrievably eroded by adjacent dense housing, extensive commercial parks, and heavy truck and car traffic. Residents wish it were not so, because they moved to the area for its tranquillity and rural amenity but now they have to face up to the new reality of a big and growing city on their doorsteps.

Residents called for Cockburn to create a Vision for the rural areas that it could promote to the WA Planning Commission. They wanted the Vision to show how their areas could be developed without leaving them stranded and blighted by planners.

Cockburn proposed to facilitate the visioning with an on-line survey of residents. This sounded promising but a quick look at the survey questions ( http/comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au/jandakot-a-vision-and-com… ) shows that it is heavily loaded to the current zoning. None of the questions are about encroaching industry and commerce, none about the pressures of adjacent dense housing, none about security, and none about heavy and ever-increasing traffic.

Instead, Cockburn has asked residents their opinions on the effectiveness of:

• airport planning

• state rural planning policies

• bush fire prevention policies

• groundwater protection policies

• buffer zones

• native vegetation protection

Answering any of these questions draws residents into Cockburn’s game of denying the need for rezoning.

Stockland and Schaffer employed fancy consultants to show how all of these policies’ restrictions could be overcome or accommodated. They played the game and won. Residents just don’t have the stake money to get a seat at the table, let alone play the game.

We are reminded of Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes, Minister who might have asked these survey questions:

Sir Humphrey Do you value our countryside?

Resident Yes, of course

Sir Humphrey Do you think our trees and native animals and birds should be protected?

Resident Yes

Sir Humphrey Do you think our native animals should have safe havens near to the City?

Resident Yes

Sir Humphrey Do you think our wetlands are important?

Resident Yes

Sir Humphrey Do you think drinking water should be clean and secure?

Resident Yes

Sir Humphrey Then why the hell do you want to rezone Jandakot and Treeby?

The BRG Committee is urgently considering what recommendations to make to residents on completing Cockburn’s survey. For the time being, the Committee suggests that you hold off on completing the survey.

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