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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby

Street Names

 This is an edited excerpt from "Cockburn - Making of a Community" - copyright Town of Cockburn 1978



 FRASER Rd: Malcolm Fraser, succeeded John Septimus Roe as Surveyor General in 1870.

 MASON Rd: Mason and Bird were timber merchants in the Canning District who built the old Long Jetty at Fremantle in 1873.

 COFFEY Rd: John Coffey was the original leaseholder of J.A.A. Lot 164 in 1895.

 GAEBLER Rd: Waldemar Gaebler, owner of J.A.A. Lot 291 in 1904.

 LIDDELOW Rd: J. Liddelow held a pastoral lease in the area in 1888.

 OXLEY Rd: Surveyor J.O. Oxley who carried out surveys for the Jandakot Agricultural Area in 1889.

 WOLFE Rd: Robert Thomas Wolfe, retired Colonel of Surrey, England and proprietor of the City Hotel, Perth owned J.A.A. Lots 215, 223 and 224 from 1891.



 BANINGAN Rd: Baningan was one of the Jandakot settlers who petitioned for the proclamation of a townsite at Bibra Lake in 1897.

 BRANCH Cs: Henry Branch, Storekeeper of Broad Arrow, held the lease of J.A.A. Lot 148 in 1897.

 BRIGGS St: Thomas Henry Briggs, pioneer gardener at Jandakot on J.A.A. Lot 245 from 1893.

 BUCKLEY St: Samuel Buckley received an Immigrant Grant, Co. Sd. Location 391, at Jandakot in 1883.

 CHRISTIE Ave: Samuel Thomas Christie, confectioner and lease- holder of J.A.A. Lot 203 in 1895.

 COOPER Rd: Joseph Cooper, Chairman of the F.D.R.B. 1953—1960 and first Mayor of the Town of Cockburn.

 CUTLER Rd: D. Cutler, served in the Great War.

 GADD St: William Gadd, pioneer at Jandakot on J.A.A. Lot 1 from 1897.

 HAMMOND Rd: James Hammond was the original owner of Co. Sd. Loc. 458 in 1887.

 HIRD Rd: J. Moyland and CM. Hird were Land Agents in Jandakot in the 1890s.

 JOHNSTON Rd: Robert Johnston, gardener on J.A.A. Lot 414 from 1900.

 KEMP Rd: George Kemp, leaseholder of J.A.A. Lot 193 in 1908.

 LEEMING Rd: G.W. Leeming, surveyor working in the Jandakot Agricultural Area in 1886.

 MAR Rd: A Jandakot settler from 1888.

 MCKINNON St: Hugh McKinnon, original settler on J.A.A. Lot 146 in 1896.

 MACLAGAN St: William Maclagan, leaseholder of J.A.A. Lot 225 in 1893.

 PARKES St: The Parkes family were early poultry farmers on Forrest Rd, Jandakot.

 PRINSEP Rd: Charles Robert Prinsep owned the Prinsep Estate at Leschenault Inlet from 1839.

 SOLOMON Rd: Elias Solomon, Mayor of Fremantle 1889—1901 and first Federal Member for Fremantle.

 SPENCER St: William E. Spencer, leaseholder of J.A.A. Lots 250 and 252 in 1901.

 SULLIVAN St: Thomas Sullivan, original owner of J.A.A. Lot 173 in 1896.

 THOMAS St: Hamlet John Thomas, early resident of Hamilton Hill whose services as a Vet’. were often called upon by Jandakot settlers.

 TICHBORNE St: Teresa Tichborne, leaseholder of J.A.A. Lot 127 in 1896.

 WAKELY Cr: Louisa Ann Wakely, leaseholder of J.A.A. Lot 297 in 1893.

 WEARNE Rd: John Wearne, original owner of J.A.A. Lot 154 in 1892.

 WEDGE Rd: Frederick Arundel Wedge, leaseholder of J.A.A. Lot 153 in 1892.



 BARFIELD Rd: William Henry and John Henry Barfield took up the lease on J.A.A. Lot 204 in 1912.

 GAEBLER Rd: Waldemar Gaebler, owner of J.A.A. Lot 291 in 1904.

 FRANKLAND Ave: Frankland was a pioneer at Jandakot in 1893.

 KINLEY Rd: R.W. Kinley was a member of the F.D.R.B. from 1921 to 1927.

 LYON Rd: John McMurray Lyon took up the lease on J.A.A. Lot 214 in 1894.