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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby


60 Residents Attend June General Meeting

Posted by Ian Thurston on August 7, 2013 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

On a cold winter’s day, 60 Banjup residents attended the June general meeting. The presentation materials and the minutes of the meeting can be downloaded here.

Group members resolved:

  • To ask the City of Cockburn to spend the $300,000 budget assigned for building footpaths on fire prevention measures instead – that is, clearing verges and laying gravel.
  • That the explanation given by the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer for restricting the issue of fire permits in April and May was not satisfactory – that is, unspecified “weather conditions” was not adequate.
  • To lobby government to allow Banjup’s 2 hectare blocks with 1 title to be split into 2 1 hectare titles.



100 residents attend Annual General Meeting

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100 Banjup residents attended the AGM of the Banjup Residents Group on 10 February 2013. Your Committee thanks all who came out on a hot Sunday afternoon for their participation and support.

A new Management Committee was elected by members. All office bearer positions had to be vacated. The new Madame Présidente is Corinne Franklin.

Almost all of Banjup are heartily sick of hoons terrorising our streets. Many at the AGM were angry at the contempt shown by the hoons for their neighbours. Senior police officers at the meeting assured residents that Banjup is high on their radar and that they are determined to curb the hooning on our streets.

The meeting opposed Cockburn’s proposed extension to the Fire Break Period to 7 months. The meeting recognised that some accommodation with the City would have to be reached; bringing the start date forward to 1 November was agreed by members but no merit was seen in extending the end until 31 May.

The future development of Banjup is currently being determined by the Department of Planning. Their south metropolitan structure plan will be release for public comment in mid-2013. We wait to see if any of Banjup is slated for development and what the conditions might be.

The presentation materials and the minutes of the meeting can be downloaded from the Meetings & Minutes page.




Successful AGM of Banjup Residents Group

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Over 100 ratepayers attended the first annual general meeting of the Banjup Residents Group on Sunday 22 January.

Joe Francis MLA, Logan Howlett, the Mayor of Cockburn, Cllr Lee-Anne Smith, and Daniel Arndt, Director of Planning for Cockburn also attended the meeting.

Residents discussed for 90 minutes the proposed rezoning of about 150 ha of Banjup from rural to urban use. Residents were briefed on the facts of the proposal by the land developer, Stockland, to build 2,300 houses on the old sand quarry north of Armadale Road behind the Good Guys. The ‘Banjup Urban Precinct’ will cover an area as big as Atwell and will be home to 6,000 people.

Residents also heard about the increased exposure to aircraft noise over the Quarry area that the WA Planning Commission expects over the next 10 years. They also heard about the technical report by Stockland’s geologists that asserted that houses over the Quarry area would not adversely impact the quality of drinking water extracted from the Jandakot Water Mound.

The WA Planning Commission appears ready to accept assurances from Stockland about mitigating aircraft noise and from the Department of Water that water quality will not be compromised by the proposed dense housing. The WAPC sees that the Quarry development is ‘strategic’ and a ‘logical in-fill’.

Concerns about aircraft noise, water quality, and the continued encroachment of housing into bushland were voiced by many Banjup residents at the meeting. They noted that the Chairman of the WAPC had called Stockland’s proposal a “test case” for further rezoning of the Jandakot Water Mound. Residents queried how long it would be before most of Banjup is urbanised and whether this would be for the benefit of big developers and whether small landowners’ interests would be disregarded.

Residents resolved to prepare two submissions to the WAPC: one against the development and one in qualified support. Those in support are looking for improved infrastructure for the long term for the whole Banjup area and for clarity about zoning and development.

Residents also called upon the City of Cockburn to prepare a strategy for the development of Banjup over the next 10 years so as to give landowners some certainty about the future of their properties. The Mayor suggested that this proposal be put to the Annual General Meeting of Electors of Cockburn on 7 February.

Elections for the office bearers and the management committee of the Banjup Residents Group resulted in Neil Raine being declared President for the coming year.

Other office bearers elected were:

Vice-President: Corinne Franklin

Treasurer: Jim Wilson

Secretary: Ian Thurston

Five other residents were elected to the Group’s management committee.

General Meeting a Success

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The General Meeting of the Banjup Residents Group on 15 May was a great success. We now have 150 members from 84 properties in Banjup – that is 20% of all residents. We made Mayor Howlett and Cllr Attrill very aware of Banjup’s resentment about not being consulted about matters that directly affect them, such as the fire station, fire permits, and the re-zoning of the old sand mine in north Banjup.

Improved Consultation

Mayor Howlett committed to improve consultation with residents, saying that it had not been effective in the past. Both Council members saw the resolution of residents to keep the fire station and its equipment in Banjup and for Cockburn to change its fire permit policies to be in line with those of other local authorities.

Fire Station

The meeting was addressed separately by the Captain of the Jandakot Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and a Director of the Fire & Emergency Services Authority (FESA). They gave Banjup residents to understand that, although, FESA had made a mistake in proposing relocation without proper consultation, there was now an agreed way forward by which the future of the fire station and its equipment could be rationally determined. This would be by way of an extensive review of all of Cockburn’s fire service needs. The BRG resolved that a Bush Fire Brigade with adequate resources would be needed at the fire station for as long as Banjup retained its rural character. The BRG Committee will lobby council and FESA with this objective.

The Captain of the Jandakot Brigade, Steve Dobson, encouraged residents to contact him about assessing fire hazards on their properties and assistance in burning large bonfires. The Brigade’s charge rates are very reasonable. Contact Steve on 0417 097 241.

Fire Permits

BRG members were briefed on Cockburn Council staff’s disdain for our reasonable requests for information about the basis for Cockburn’s changes to its fire permit policies over recent years. We pointed out to the Council Members that council staff seemed to have implemented policies that had not been approved by Council members at any minuted meeting. Mayor Howlett promised to investigate if this had happened and report back to Banjup residents.

Jandakot Water Mound

The future development of the Water Mound is dependent upon a proposed review of all of the land above the state’s water resources. This review will determine what evaluation criteria will be applied to planning proposals. Until the review is completed there will be no clarity about the future development of the Jandakot Mound and Banjup in particular.

At this time, there is no budget for the review to be undertaken. BRG members resolved to lobby State government to allocate budget so that the review can be quickly undertaken.

DCP Home

The children’s home in Banjup opened in April and residents were pleased that the home seems to be operating smoothly. With significant input from Banjup residents, a risk management plan is being developed by the DCP. When the plan is agreed with all stakeholders it will be the basis for our community’s relationship with the Department and the monitoring of its commitments to Banjup. Members resolved to encourage the DCP to maintain its constructive engagement with our community.

Road Safety

No budget has been allocated during the next 5 years by the State government to upgrade Armadale Road to dual carriageway. In the interest of safety, members resolved to lobby government to bring forward its plans.

Many vehicles speed on Liddelow Road. Police will be setting speed traps along the road in the near future.

Banjup Memorial Park

The BRG held a tree planting ceremony at the Banjup Memorial Park on ANZAC Day. A description of the event can be seen here.


BRG members socialised for an hour around the barbecue. Members donated generously to the Group’s funds. The Mayor also gave generously, for which the BRG is grateful.

Next Meeting

The next General Meeting will be on 28 August.


A copy of the presentation materials and detailed minutes of the meeting can be found here.

Banjup Residents Group Formed

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On Sunday, 6 February 2011, over 80 residents of Banjup established the 'Banjup Residents Group', a community association that will promote improvements in the security, safety, and amenity of Banjup for its residents.


The Group adopted the Rules of Association that may be downloaded from the Rules page of this web site.


The Group elected office bearers and committee members and instructed them to pursue several issues that directly affect Banjup residents today. The Committee will keep Banjup aware of developments through this web site and by direct email to members.


Residents of Banjup were pleased to welcome Joe Francis, the Member for Jandakot, and Logan Howlett, the Mayor of Cockburn, to the inaugural meeting. They both made very helpful contributions to the meeting and they both wished the Group well in its future endeavours.


Minutes of the inaugural general meeting can be downloaded from the Meetings page.

Rules of Association

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Rules of Association for the incorporation of the Banjup Residents Group have been drafted and are now open for comment.


The Rules are based on the model rules downloaded from the WA Department of Commerce web site. We have made a few changes to make the Rules more relevant to Banjup.


You can download the draft Rules from the Rules page on this site.