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Representing rural residents in Banjup, Jandakot, and Treeby


More traffic calming needed on Liddelow Road

Posted by Ian Thurston on April 7, 2018 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The BRG has requested Cockburn east ward councillors to allocate funds in 2018/19 to implement the further traffic calming measures on Liddelow Road envisaged nearly 3 years ago when Council reclassified Liddelow as a “local distributor road”.

Main Roads WA is currently upgrading Armadale Road and constructing a roundabout at the intersection with Liddelow Road. Banjup residents are very concerned that the roundabout will facilitate a substantial increase Liddelow Road’s use as a rat run for through traffic to and from southern localities, especially heavy vehicles.

To deter rat runners, the BRG has asked Council to re-affirm Liddelow Road’s classification as a local distributor. To reinforce its local use, further traffic calming measures along its length should be installed, as envisaged in plans proposed by Cockburn’s traffic engineers in 2015.

It has taken Cockburn 3 years to begin construction of just one roundabout at Gibbs and Liddelow. The further traffic calming should be constructed before the roundabout at Armadale Road is completed.

Traffic Calming on Liddelow Road

Posted by Ian Thurston on January 10, 2017 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Heavy trucks of all sorts continue to use Liddelow Road to by-pass the Freeway and its junction with Armadale Road. When the new section of the widened Freeway opens by end December general truck usage of Liddelow Road might reduce but the sand trucks from Wattleup will most likely still find their way through Banjup on their way to Piara.

As part of its traffic calming plans, the City of Cockburn will construct a roundabout at Liddelow and Gibbs beginning in April 2017. Some land acquisition is required and native title concerns to be resolved.

Make Hoon Legislation More Effective

Posted by Ian Thurston on February 25, 2013 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hoons are the bane of Banjup. They terrorise our streets and show their contempt for residents by scouring the roads with their tyre graffiti. More police is hardly the answer – a patrol could be going down Liddelow Road every 10 minutes but the hoons could be wreaking havoc on Beenyup Road instead.

Banjup residents believe that the police need more tools to secure meaningful convictions. Your Committee has been lobbying both Labor and Liberal parties to strengthen WA’s anti-hoon legislation. We have proposed these amendments:

  • Declare ‘Hoon Affected’ areas whereby anyone apprehended hooning is dealt with as if it were their third offence and penalised accordingly.
  • Impose higher penalties for hooning – make them really hurt, not a mere ‘cost of doing business’.
  • Make penalty for failure of the owner to identify the hoon driver the same as for the hoon offence.
  • Define hoon marks as graffiti so that existing graffiti laws can be used to recover clean up costs from the hoon driver.
  • Close the loophole whereby police have only 28 days to find and impound a hoon vehicle.
  • Relax hooning evidence laws so that sight of smoke or sound of tyre squealing are not necessary – only dangerous and erratic behaviour. This is particularly important at night or from a distance.

The full text of our letters to the Labor and Liberal police spokeswomen may be downloaded here: Labor and Liberal.

We received a letter of acknowledgement from the Liberal party and a phone call suggesting that an announcement would soon be made. We have heard nothing from the Labor party.

Your Committee notes that the Liberal party has committed to confiscating a hoon’s vehicle on first offence (see http://www.wa.liberal.org.au/article/hoons-face-even-tougher-penalties ) but because most hoons use old bombs that is insufficient.

The Labor party has made no commitments about curbing hoons. Their only comments on the matter are mere sniping, see http://www.markmcgowan.com.au/news/liberals-take-sudden-interest-in-catching-hoons-337



Hoons More Brazen, More Contemptuous, and More Violent

Posted by Ian Thurston on January 25, 2013 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Your Committee has been pressing the state government, the police, and the City of Cockburn to get hoons off the streets of Banjup. There have been several initiatives made by the relevant authorities but results have been disappointing. We do not yet have a ‘magic bullet’. Knowing this, the hoons in our community have become more brazen in their activities and more contemptuous of the people who live alongside them.

In places, our streets now seem to have more rubber than bitumen on their surface. Almost every night, there is more tyre squealing, more scars, and more acrid stench. Police cars patrol our streets continuously but the hoons have support vehicles on the look out for them. So while the police are checking Liddelow Road, the hoons are terrorising Beenyup Road. The support vehicles also bring supplies of replacement tyres for when the hoons rip their tyres off the rims.

This is organised crime.

Banjup residents who have witnessed hooning have been intimidated and assaulted. Police have prosecuted the assailants but unless bones are broken, the judiciary is reluctant to put them behind bars.

The hoons live in our community. Some of them are your neighbours. Your children could have gone to school with them. However, they are now thugs and we need them stopped.

At the AGM on 10 February, we shall tell you more about what has been going on over the past 3 months. The police, politicians, the Mayor, and councillors will be on hand to tell us what they are doing to stop this scourge and to hear first hand of your concerns. Please make the time to come along.



Hoons Trying to Intimidate Us

Posted by Ian Thurston on October 1, 2012 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

On Saturday 29 September, 15 signs were erected around Banjup advertising our general meeting on 7 October. The signs said we would be discussing the Fire Break Period, Hoons, and Crime. Sadly, by Tuesday morning all but 2 have been removed, presumably by the hoons we protest about.

Not only do the hoons intimidate us on our streets, they want to us to cower down and not protest about them.

We must not bow to their intimidation. Please make every effort to attend the general meeting at 11:00am, Sunday 7 October, at the Banjup Hall, Oxley Road and show these bullies that Banjup will not be intimidated.

Speaking at the meeting will be our local MP, Joe Francis, the Mayor of Cockburn, Logan Howlett, councillor Lee-Anne Smith, and sergeant Gerard O’Meara who coordinates the police anti-hoon initiative in Banjup. They will tell us what action is being taken and you can put your questions to them.


Posted by Ian Thurston on September 27, 2012 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Hoons are a plague on the streets of Banjup. They think they are clever but the rest of us think they are idiots who one day will kill themselves. We just hope that they don’t take anyone else with them.

Police are actively targeting hoons, particularly those that live in Banjup – and there are a few who are well known.

If you do see hoon behaviour, then call police on 131 444, get a report number, and then post a comment on this web site. The more information we can get, the more effective will be our efforts to get the idiots off our streets.

Footpaths for Banjup

Posted by Ian Thurston on June 28, 2012 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Banjup will get its first footpaths within the next 12 months !!

At its June meeting, Cockburn Council voted $350,000 to construct footpaths along:

  • Beenyup Road, from Tapper Road to Gaebler Road;
  • the entire length of Gaebler Road; and
  • Gibbs Road from Beenyup Road to Liddelow Road

Your Committee thanks members for their support in lobbying for these paths and especially thanks Cllr Lee-Anne Smith for pressing her council colleagues on Banjup’s behalf.

Road Safety at Liddelow and Armadale

Posted by Ian Thurston on August 3, 2011 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Joe Francis, our local MP for Jandakot, arranged for members of the Banjup Residents Group to meet with the Main Roads Metropolitan Traffic Services Manager and the Policy Adviser to the Minister for Transport on site at the junction of Liddelow and Armadale Roads on 2 August.

The Traffic Manager was familiar with the junction and recognised that the risk of a serious accident had increased significantly since the junction was first built many years ago when Armadale Road was a 'rural' road. Now with 45,000 vehicles a day using the road (rising to 60,000 in a few years) the junction needs to be completely redesigned, as it will be when Armadale Road is duplicated. Sadly, budget has yet to be allocated for that project, so relief is at least 5 years away.

Apparently, there is insufficient road width at the junction just to paint a turning 'pocket' at the junction. However, there may be some low cost options to widen the road a little. Main Roads and the Minister's office will liaise to see if anything can be done within the budgetary constraints. We shall contact them again at the end of August.

The Banjup Residents Group is hopeful that an interim, low cost solution can be devised that will soon make the junction much safer. We do not want someone seriously hurt before funds become available.

Update on Speeding

Posted by Ian Thurston on June 4, 2011 at 12:12 AM Comments comments (0)

The Police Traffic Branch has advised your Committee that speed cameras have been in place on Liddelow Road 11 times between 24 March and 1 June. During the times that the cameras were in place 5875 vehicles went past and 1295 were exceeding the 80 kph speed limit. That is, 22% of motorists speed on Liddelow Road.

Being 5km of straight road, Liddelow attracts more than its share of hoons and speeding drivers. However, it is not a ‘rural’ road. There are several crossing streets and every 100 metres there are driveways into residential properties. The City of Cockburn, the WA Police, and the majority of Banjup residents consider it unsafe to drive at over 80 kph on Liddelow and other Banjup roads. Police advise that cameras and patrol cars will continue regular surveillance of Banjup roads. PLEASE MAKE YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS AWARE OF THIS.

Speeding on Liddelow Road

Posted by Ian Thurston on May 20, 2011 at 1:06 AM Comments comments (5)

Your Committee has been lobbying the traffic police to increase the frequency of setting speed traps along Liddelow Road. A few months ago a speed camera was in place between 5 am and 9 am one weekday morning. 400 vehicles passed it and 92 were subsequently issued speeding infringement notices. Most speeders were travelling over 100 kph; one was clocked at 145 kph.

That is, 23% of drivers going to work that morning along Liddelow Road were exceeding the speed limit by a substantial margin.

On 19 May, a speed camera was in place between 10 am and 12 noon. 276 vehicles passed it and 19 drivers will be issued with speeding infringement notices. That is 7% of day time users exceed the speed limit along Liddelow Road.

Another speed camera was in place that evening. About 10% of drivers exceeded the speed limit, most travelling over 100 kph. One driver was clocked at 183 kph!

Apparently, speed cameras usually catch about 5% of drivers exceeding the speed limit, so at 7%, 10%, and 23% Liddelow Road is a particularly dangerous road.

On 18 May, a police patrol car caught a hoon who lives in Banjup speeding at 170 kph along Liddelow Road. You can read about it in the West Australian. The story is shown below.

More speed cameras will be in place over the coming weeks. Your Committee will continue to lobby for the cameras to be used along Liddelow Road until the road becomes safe.

If the numbers of speeding vehicles cannot be reduced by Police enforcement measures, then we shall be pressing Cockburn Council for traffic calming measures along Liddelow Road.

Teen 'drove 90km/h over the limit'

MICHELLE RIDLEY, The West Australian May 19, 2011, 6:39 am

A 19-year-old man has been charged with reckless driving after he was allegedly caught driving at more than 170km/h in an 80km/h zone along Liddelow Road, Banjup, last night.

Police officers first noticed the man allegedly speeding in his white Holden Commodore at the intersection of Thomas Road and Nicholson Road in Byford.

They followed the car through the southern suburbs, catching up with the vehicle as the man pulled into the driveway of his Banjup home.

The 19-year-old had held his licence for less than a year and his vehicle was impounded for 28 days.

He is due to appear in Fremantle Magistrate’s Court on June 3.